Badger Sets at Longcover in Rural Worcester

As the last rays of sun catch reds and greens and dusk settles over the Teme Valley we left our idyllic hideaway in search of The Fishpool Badgers. We passed over soft mossy grass, through the wicket gate, down a sea of green, flecked with Bluebells, Wood Anemonies and Marsh Marigolds until we reached the brook.

As we crossed the wooden bridge Pheasants and Buzzards bade us good night. Up the sharp incline we crouched by a tree; silent, anticipating; the musk of the badgers and nature’s own scent seeping into our skins. Almost dark, and the first of seven badgers from three sets cautiously emerges, sniffing the air…

Long Cover Cottage

Sleeps 6

The Coach House

Sleeps 2

Ebony Cottage

Sleeps 2